Meet Dr. Baqi

meet dr baqi

Dentistry means the world to me. While I love all aspects of the practice, restoring someone’s smile or replacing missing teeth gives me so much purpose.

It pained me to see my mom not able to eat because of her uncomfortable metal partial denture. Since receiving six implants to replace the teeth she was missing, she can now enjoy all of the foods she loves without the pain or embarrassment of the partial.

I am honored to do the same, daily, with my patients: Being able to give someone a healthy, functional bite and a smile that is beautifully unique, is deeply fulfilling!

Everyone’s dental needs are different and I enjoy working with each patient to create a treatment plan that is right for their individual concerns.

Taking my time to build communication and trust is core to how I practice. When patients are informed and engaged, they are able to make knowledgeable decisions and develop better oral and overall health practices. That is what I want most of all: to help people lead and enjoy healthier, happier lives!

~ Dr. Seyar Baqi

Education and Experience

Growing up, Dr. Baqi was drawn to dentistry at a young age. His parents both suffered, for most of their lives, from bad teeth and complex dental problems. He wanted to change their lives and, after dental school, he was able to do so. Seeing his parents able to once again savor their favorite foods and smile with confidence is a highlight of his career!

Dr. Baqi was raised in Smyrna and graduated as salutatorian from Smyrna High School. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Delaware with his Bachelor of Science in biology. Next came dental school and his Doctorate of Dental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

Since 2015, Dr. Baqi has practiced dentistry in offices in Florida, Maryland, and Delaware.

Knowing he could bring an improved patient experience to his community, Dr. Baqi opened Blue Hen Dental in Smyrna in 2017. His practice has grown through referrals from his patient family, when people tell friends and neighbors about the painless, effective, and personalized care they receive!

Dr. Baqi knows many of his patients — children and adults — can be anxious about visiting the dentist. He strives to break down that anxiety and help each person feel comfortable in the dental chair. By using pain-free techniques, and always with a patient and gentle touch, Dr. Baqi and his clinical staff help people overcome their fear of the dentist.

Beyond the Office

Dr. Baqi’s lovely family includes his mom and dad, sisters and brothers, and amazing nieces and nephews. Sadly, his father lost his brave battle against kidney cancer in 2020. Before his passing, he taught his son the importance of working hard to achieve one’s dreams and the ferocity never to give up. Now Dr. Baqi hopes to inspire a new generation, just like his father inspired him!

Dentistry is not only Dr. Baqi’s profession: it is also, after family, his passion. He and his friend and fellow dentist, Dr. Ed Bailey, enjoy working on dental innovations in their free time. So far they have created new techniques useful in dental surgery and a light curing device called the Curing Cube!

When he can find the time, Dr. Baqi enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and being in the great outdoors.